Guitar Lessons

An image from Tonefellows Music Studio
An image from Tonefellows Music Studio

Our guitar lessons support the complete understanding of guitar and musicianship. Students learn proper fretboard technique, fingerpicking, sight reading, and music theory. 

Lessons are tailored to the student's ability. We have appropriate lessons for a student at the beginning of their musical journey, an advanced guitarist preparing for competitions and auditions, and an experienced guitarist seeking to refine their playing, theory or sight reading skills.

Our lessons are given on an acoustic guitar. Students can begin on any acoustic guitar if they already own one. Students who need a guitar or who progress to an intermediate level are encouraged to play on a nylon-string guitar. These are available in many different sizes and at different prices. Knowledge of the acoustic guitar can be applied to electric and other styles of guitars.

The knowledge and technique taught will help students to play any fingerstyle guitar music, and the music reading learned will help students to interpret music in standard notation for any instrument.

Composition and theory lessons are also available.